Private Placement „Assetando Einzelhandel II Metropolregion Hamburg“

Retail warehouse centre with long-term letting

This retail warehouse centre, which has been rented in the long-term, has a rental area of approximately 1,056.50 m² and approximately 75 car parking spaces.

The retail warehouse has been rented until at least 28.02.2026 to the Penny-Markt limited company, which belongs to the REWE Group.
Besides local residents the property also reaches the many commuters because of its immediate vicinity to the motorway approach road, further increasing the attractiveness of this micro-location.


This retail warehouse centre, which was completed at the beginning of 2011, is in a very favourable location in relation to traffic movements in west Itzehoe. The project was purchased in the summer of 2013 by investors among our clients. The owning company is managed by the Assetando Group.


Itzehoe is 90 km to the west of Lübeck, 75 km to the south-west of Kiel and approximately 55 km to the north-west of Hamburg. The investment property is approximately 3 km from the city centre and directly on Lindenstrasse (B 206), the western connection from the A 23 motorway into Itzehoe.


The property is close to the city and in the immediate vicinity of the motorway approach road. This means that the retail warehouse attracts both local residents and the many commuters, further increasing the attractiveness of this micro-location.

1.056,50 m²

Rental area in a prime location


Total car parking spaces